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With such a large database of properties for rent in Malta, RE/MAX Malta allows you to choose from a wide variety of properties. Be it short lets or long lets, or Malta and Gozo, RE/MAX is your solution. Our Letting agents are well trained, in order to find you the perfect holiday stay or long stay on our island.

Why Rent a property in Malta

Renting property in Malta is easy. Tourists visiting Malta, be it for business, holiday, to become a resident of the island, retire are any other reason. There is nothing to hold you back as anyone who is in Malta can rent a property.

The Rental prices are very reasonable but it also depends on numerous factors such as, location, type of property, standard of furnishings and the duration of the rent period. It is very common that properties will be rented out to you fully furnished, but it is always safe to make sure that it is. This is why it is always safe to get in touch with one of our RE/MAX Letting agents as also do have a large variety of properties that are unfurnished. The Rental rates normal include all extra expenses in the fee such as electricity, and water, on the other hand TV and internet are not usually included but there are certain properties that do include it in the package, especially if it is short term.

Renting in Malta and Gozo

Malta and Gozo have a extremely great and large choice of properties for rent located across the Maltese archipelago. Our property listings cater for all types of people with different styles. Our listings vary in prices, making it easier to find a property to suit your budget. To add to this we have different property styles, sizes, terrace, and also number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The most popular areas to let a property is the Sliema & St Julians areas close to Msida, Gzira and Swieqi. These areas are extremely close to many amenities in Malta, but this also means this is not an ideal location to rent if you don’t like the hectic life. The western and Southern towns appreciate more of the countryside and more relaxed lifestyle. Gozo can be the best place for a relaxation holiday by renting a beautiful farmhouse or villa with a pool in Gozo.

Towns around Malta have all your daily needs and necessities to live a good and easy life, with plenty of shops around the town. One can certainly state the fantastic night life in Malta with plenty of beautiful rocky and sandy beaches. The properties in Malta are very different from each other, from seafront, countryside and if it is an apartment or house/villa to rent. With regards to expenses when renting a property, there are no particular expenses to let a property, apart from the estate agent fee which is half the amount of a months rent plus VAT. This is normally paid by the landlord. Normally landlords tend to request a deposit due to breakages and outstanding bills, which will be refunded to person who is renting the property upon termination of rental period. If there are any breakages the landlord may ask you to pay for them or hold the deposit for the breakages, this will normally be agreed between both parties.